Teachers & Employment

Our Teachers

We draw from a mix of full-time and part-time faculty to teach our courses. These instructors use online to reach students throughout the world. With students in 70 countries throughout the Pacific and Asia, we are looking with teacher interested in participating in courses with rich student diversity.

Our Online Course Learning Model

BYU-Hawaii online courses are designed to reflect the University Teaching Framework of prepare, engage, and improve. Students and teachers interact with each other through text and video all over the world. These courses are designed through a cooperative effort by on-campus faculty and instructional design teams. The course teachers help students navigate these courses, giving them needed instruction and support. We expect our teachers to be good guides as students navigate their course content. 

Our on-campus and distant online students have significant challenges to overcome. Many are gaining an education in their non-native language and are learning a new academic culture. These challenges can often be overwhelming and our teachers need to be willing to help our students with these challenges. 

Building strong relationships and rapport with students is a critical element in being a successful online instructor. Distance often makes this difficult. In order for teachers to forge strong relationships in the online environment they must be pro-active in reaching out to their students. Thus, we are seeking teachers who not only know the content, but also who will be pro-active in building relationships with, and giving support to, their online students. 

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