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Distance Learning

Online FAQs

Does BYU–Hawaii Offer an Online Bachelor Degree Program (four-year)?

BYU–Hawaii does not offer an online bachelor's degree. However, BYU-Idaho does offer online bachelor's (four year) degrees.

Visit for more information.

How Are Students Going to Communicate With Their Professors?

One unique attribute of the online program is that the level of communication is very high. For many assignments, students use web-cams or digital recorders to present their ideas in video form. Student tutors and teachers give personalized feedback through text and video. Students will also use email and other web-based technologies for communication.

How is Tuition Paid?

Students will pay through the BYU–Hawaii website using a credit card. If you have problems making a payment through the automated system, contact financial services at: (808) 675-3706 or . If you wish to make a payment after the enrollment deadline, you will need to contact the Cashiers Office at: (808) 675-3718 . The best time to contact the Cashiers Office to make a payment is between 9:00 am - 4:00 pm HST.

What Are The Acceptance Criteria For The BYU–Hawaii Distance Learning Program?

  • To be accepted to the BYU–Hawaii Distant Learning program students must:
  • Fund their tuition costs
  • Have access to high-speed internet, a sufficient computer, and a webcam (see technical requirements page)

In addition, for students to have access to the full range of BYU–Hawaii Distance Learning courses and pursue an online associate degree they must:

Can People Who Are Not Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Be Admitted Into The BYU–Hawaii Distance Learning Program?

The BYU–Hawaii Distance Learning program is open to those of other faiths in most countries. It is expected that they will abide by the University’s honor code and understand that spiritual learning will be integrated into our academic courses. If you are not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and wish to participate in the distance learning program, please contact for more information.

How Do I Change or Reset My Password?

If you are a distance learning (DL) student, send an email to or call (808) 675-3853 . If you are an on-campus student contact IT services at (808) 675-3211 .

How Do I Advance From One EIL Level To Another?

In order to advance from one EIL level to the next, you must receive a "B" or higher in each course in that level. For example, if you are currently in Intermediate Level I and wish to advance on to Intermediate Level II, you will need to receive a "B" grade or higher in EIL 212, 216, and 218.