On-Campus Course List

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Sections with a 300, 301, 302, etc. as their section type do not require students to be on-campus. Sections with a 200, 201, 202, etc. section type have an on-campus component and require students to be on-campus.

Course List

Course TitleCreditsSection types
ACCT 201. Introduction to Financial Accounting3 Credits200
ACCT 203. Introduction to Managerial Accounting3 Credits300
ACCT 231. Finance and Accounting Software Applications1.5 Credits200
ART 210. Digital Tools3 Credits200
ART 212. Digital Photography3 Credits200
ASL 101. Elementary American Sign Language Conversation I4 Credits300
ASL 102. Elementary American Sign Language Conversation II4 Credits300
ASL 201. Intermediate American Sign Language Conversation I4 Credits300
ASL 202. Intermediate American Sign Language Conversation II4 Credits300
BIOL 100. Introduction to Biology3 Credits300
BUSM 232. Mathematics of Finance1.5 Credits300
BUSM 301. Business Finance3 Credits300
BUSM 320. Business Communication3 Credits300
COMM 110. Intercultural Communication3 Credits300
CRDEV 102. Career Exploration1 Credits300
ECON 200. Principles of Microeconomics3 Credits300
ECON 201. Principles of Macroeconomics3 Credits300
EMGT 490. Emergency Management Professional Development3 Credits300
ENGL 101. College Writing, Reading, and Research3 Credits300
ENGL 314. Exposition and Analysis in the Humanities3 Credits300
ENTR 180. The Cycle of Cash3 Credits300
ENTR 275. Entrepreneurship Leadership Training1 Credit300
ENTR 283. Small Business Creation3 Credit300
ENTR 375R. Entrepreneurship Lecture Series1 Credit300
ENTR 380. Social Entrepreneurship3 Credits300
GE 120. Scientific Reasoning3 Credits300
HIST 120. American History to 18653 Credits300
HIST 121. American History Since 18653 Credits300
HIST 201. History of Civilization to 15003 Credits300
HIST 202. History of Civilization Since 150023 Credits300
HUM/ART 308. Basic Video Production3 Credits300
HUM/ART 318. Intermediate Video Production3 Credits300
IDS 318. Personal and Family Financial Management3 Credits300
IPB 121. Intercultural Peacebuilding3 Credits300
IPB 400. Cultural Mediation and Facilitation3 Credits300
IPB 450. Advanced Cultural Mediation & Facilitation3 Credits300
IT 240. Fundamentals of Web Design & Technology3 Credits300
MUSC 102. World Music Cultures3 Credits300
PHSC 100. Principles of Physical Science3 Credits300
PSYC 111. General Psychology3 Credits300
REL 233. The Family and the Gospel: Doctrine, Principles, and Practices3 Credits300
REL 341. Latter-day Saint History2 Credits300
SOC 111. Introduction to Sociology3 Credits300
SOC 112. Social Problems3 Credits300
SOCW 160. Social Welfare3 Credits300