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Distance Learning

Drop, Withdraw or Repeat Courses

Drop Courses

Students are allowed to drop courses for a full refund during the first few days of the course in the mybyuh system. For students who wish to drop a course may contact Aurie Sorensen at: . Please include your name, ID#, and course you wish to drop in your email. Courses dropped do not appear on the student's transcript. For specific dates see the Distance Learning Academic Calendar .

Withdraw From Courses

After the drop period is over, students are given a period of time to withdraw from the course if they desire. Withdrawals receive no refund. All students with a D- or better at the time of withdrawal will receive a "W" for the course on their transcript. If the student is failing the course at the time of withdrawal, the student will receive a "WF" on their transcript. A "W" is not calculated into the students grade point average (GPA). However a "WF" is calculated as an "F" on the student's transcript. After the withdrawal period is over, all course grades are final.

Repeating a Course

Students may repeat a course. If a student repeats a course the most recent grade received will be reflected on the student's transcript.