BYU-Hawaii Pathway Program

What is Pathway?

In select locations we offer local support in addition to our course offerings. At these locations, church-service missionaries are called to offer local support to members enrolled in BYU-Hawaii's Distance Learning program. These church-service missionaries help students apply, enroll, and navigate the program. They are trained by BYU-Hawaii on-campus professionals in these duties. These missionaries also supervise a weekly gathering where students can socialize and seek help with their courses.

Pathway Students

How Does Pathway Work?

Students who participate in the Pathway program go through the same application, enrollment, and payment process as other BYU-Hawaii Distance Learners. They also participate in the same courses as other BYU-Hawaii Distance Learners and on-campus students. Pathway students simply receive an added layer of support through church-service missionaries and are given opportunities to gather locally with other students.

Current Pathway locations:

Elder & Sister Crafts

Manilla Philippines Institute of Religion

864 R. Papa Street, Sampaloc, 1008 Manila

(0927) 764-4008

How Do I Get Pathway in Our Area?

Our Pathway program is still young and procedures for starting new programs are still being developed. However, we welcome feedback from those interested in the program. If you would like to see Pathway in your area please email